The theory behind our customization

October 21, 2019

People have asked why we don’t just build any plan or design them as we go.

While working from our plans is “just what we do,” the truth is also that it is more cost-effective for our customers if we work from our own plans and build out.

The cost of your home is substantially lower by starting with one of our plans instead of a blank piece of paper.

We utilize our volume to negotiate pricing with our sub-contractors and suppliers, which creates a baseline of pricing that takes advantage of the hundreds of houses we build each year.

If we didn’t do it this way, each “custom” plan would be priced individually, causing both time and the cost to be much higher, as those sub-contractors and suppliers would also be pricing each house individually – not taking into account the hundreds of other houses we build each year.

But we also know our home owners want to put their own touch on the home they are going to build.

That is where this gets good!

We allow substantial customization to our plans: make your home bigger, add sun rooms, third-car garages, choose hard wood floors, tile, pick your cabinets, add a bathroom or two, change the exterior roof pitch, add a hip roof, add stone, hardi-plank or brick.

There are literally thousands of things you can do to individualize your TK home, just the way you want it, all while keeping the cost under control, giving your TK home the best value.

Start customizing your TK home today.

For more information on building a new home with TK, contact your local model center (Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky), or check out our floor plans to find your forever home. To request a brochure and price sheet, click here.