Office space: creating your at-home office during quarantine

April 20, 2020

Many office workers are finding themselves creating makeshift spaces to work in the wake of an indefinite quarantine period. So, whether you’re looking to create a temporary space or you want design an area for long-time work from the comforts of your home, the tips below may help to get you started on your at-home office space and stay organized for the long run.

  1. Set up your station in an area near plenty of light: both natural and manufactured. Windows and lamps go a long way to easing strain on your eyes caused by too much screen time. By crafting a workspace near plenty of light, you will find yourself better equipped to transitioning to at-home work.












  1. Create specific spaces for work-related needs (i.e. printing space, working space, mailing space, filing space, etc.). Just as your office building has carved out designated print and mail spaces, so should your office.












  1. Have files and folders to organize office supplies and essential paperwork. If it helps, try color coding your files to maximize your efficiency and organization.












  1. Invest in storage, like containers and bins, and shelving units so you have ample space to store and organize your files, folders, office supplies and other tools for your workspace.












  1. Plan in advance. Physical calendars and to-do lists are always helpful in a workspace to keep you on task and focused on professional and personal goals and expectations.












  1. Make sure to keep your desk and work area clear. This tip may go without saying, but it’s good to keep in mind nevertheless. When you’ve designated areas for your paperwork and office supplies, your space is best served if you’re able to keep your office picked up and clear.












Check out our floor plans to see where you could create your own office space with your TK Home.