Finding good construction lenders is at times difficult. Everyone says they’re good at it but only a few really are. Contact your local sales consultant for list of our “Preferred Lenders”. You are welcome to work with any lender, but if you work with a lender listed below, we will give you a $1000 credit off your home price.

Additionally, for a limited time TK will re-finance your loan with the lender or your choice and the time of your choice anytime in the next 5 years. We will pay up to $1500 to get your loan re-financed. You will be required to re-finance your loan and send us documentation. We will then send you a check. It is really that easy.


2nd to none. For the first two years our in-house warranty department will take care of any service issues. We will do a one year service call to take care of any cosmetic issues that may arise (nail pop as an example). We also register your new home with the largest 3rd party service provider in the country. They are a backup to our service department. Peace of mind for you. Service is not something we avoid. We instead go the other way and go out of our way to make sure you are as covered as you can possibly be.


Click Here for a copy of our warranty brochure.