1)  Pick a builder that has a long history of taking care of their customers. Search the builder and see what people are saying on-line. Find a builder with many real testimonials from customers.

2)  Does the builder offer a plan that can be modified to fit your needs?

3)  Does the builder build in the area you want to build?

4)  Does the builder offer value in their houses? Is the home priced appropriately compared to the product you are getting? Shop builders and try to get the home you want priced “apples to apples”, like square footage and finishes. It is also important to have a builder that can give you a definitive price before the project begins. Open questions on pricing can be very costly.

5)  Does the builder have a history of doing what they say and completing projects in a timely manner? Everyone has heard horror stories of new homes taking a long time to complete. That extra time can be frustrating and costly (interest expense, alternate housing during the build). Finding a builder that can start your home in a timely manner and stay on schedule is a must.